The Incredible Power of Prayer to Protect, to Guide and to Save Lives

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Prayer is the act of communicating with a god or spirit in worship. It is also called a devout petition to God or an object of worship.

Prayer has since the history of mankind been one of the most powerful methods to bring about results. Prayers come in different degrees of intensity and definition. A 'desperate prayer' to save a life, perhaps yours or someone else's, is one type of request. A prayer can also be a simple 'prayer of gratitude.' I am the beneficiary of the "incredible" power of prayer. I will describe my experiences so that you may embrace prayer in your life, and never feel timid to use it for your daily needs and those of others.

Before Christians formed their religion, most of their prayers were derived from the Old Testament. Jesus taught his disciples to pray the "Lord's Prayer." It was then that people heard the words, "Our Father, who art in heaven,..." This special prayer became the prayer of his disciples and future masses of Christians to employ for the rest of their lives. All religions today have their own unique prayers used for a variety of reasons, for example: weddings, baptisms, bar mitzvah, funerals, the very sick, and many more.

I will explain how to pray for your protection, and of your loved ones and friends. I will also provide you with guidance in times of confusion and despair, especially during these times of economic downfall, loss of income and home foreclosure for many families in the U.S.

Prayer, in a similar sense, works like holy water. At the beginning you are not sure if anyone is listening to you, or that holy water will do anything for you. When you ask the Lord for help, you might not have faith that your prayers will be answered, and that is okay! But, if your petition is made for an honest and legitimate reason, you will receive. If you need a job and you have tried your best to find one and have had no success, ask God to help you find a job that is adequate for you. If you are totally broke and need money to pay bills, ask God to get the money for you. If you make all your requests with courage and determination, you will get the results that you are seeking. Faith will follow!

When I travel in the U.S. or to a foreign country, I pray for God to deliver me and the rest of the people in the plane. On the recent accident in the Atlantic Ocean of the Airbus going from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, what choice did the passengers and crew members have while the plane was on a "disaster course?" They had none, except to say a short prayer before they all perished--if they actually had any time at all to pray! Will that accident stop people from traveling? I do not think so, and we will continue to expose our lives to the laws of nature, and to errors committed by human beings.

If we have to go anywhere long distance, we are required to travel by air, automobile, train, bus or ship, and get on with our lives. We cannot stop a drunk driver from getting on the road and causing an accident; anymore than we can avoid 'gigantic' tropical storms in the Atlantic from happening. Prayer then is the best method to ask for many sorts of help from God, and perhaps it is the only way.

The following illustrations are provided for your benefit when utilizing prayer in your life. We all want a safe and abundant life for ourselves, our loved ones and friends. Prayer has worked for me and for many people in the world for centuries, and it will also work for you!

I will show you examples where my prayers have been answered time and time again.

1) Remember these words, and say them in silence or out-loud whenever you need to: "Lord, please help me," anytime that you need urgent help. God cannot refuse to come to your rescue. You will either be sent an angel to intercede in your behalf, or a human being will come to help you. In other instances, events and situations will change for your benefit that would otherwise have had a negative or tragic impact on your life, and that of your loved ones and friends. In the meanwhile, you are totally unaware of anything that is happening around you.

Example: I was in Buenos Aires one evening, and I was stranded waiting for a taxi in a suburb which was not well lit at two in the morning. Cell phones were not in use then, and I had no way to contact any of my friends for a ride. All of a sudden, I was approached by three 'rough-looking individuals' who had no plans to take the bus or a cab. I immediately said a prayer for help, as soon as one of the individuals asked me for money. What I felt was a sensation as though an "invisible shield" had been placed all around me. The individuals stopped walking towards me all of a sudden, and they would not come any closer to where I was standing. I stood there quietly watching them, and they did not say another word. A few seconds later a taxi appeared out of nowhere. I stopped him and got in immediately.

2) Pray that you become an instrument of prayer and blessings to everyone in your life. As you pray for others you will be praying for yourself as well, and as you do your needs will be fulfilled. It is that simple!

Example: A dad recently read my article on "The Healing Power of Holy Water," and he asked me to send him a bottle of holy water. I did that as a courtesy, but I went one step further. I asked him for a photo of his child who is autistic. Everyday, I say a prayer for his five year-old son, and I place holy water on his digital photo which I have in my laptop. You might not feel the need to do anything of this nature, but you can bet that there are people in the world right now who are praying for your welfare this very instant, and you have no idea who they are.

3) Before every meal, thank the Lord for the meal, whether you live by yourself or you have family living with you. This simple ritual will help you to be grateful for all that you have, and all that comes to you. It will also set a good model for your children.

Example: When you travel you will eat at many locations and restaurants, and you hope that the food is properly prepared and that you do not get sick. Even at home, sometimes food can have problems. Bless the meal with a prayer every time and you should be fine. You may want to keep it short and say, "Lord, please bless this meal." That is all that you have to say. I had my share of restaurant food over the years, and I do not recall an instant that I ever got 'deadly ill' from eating the food. I always blessed the meals, and in many instances I would do it in silence.

4) On every trip, short or long distance, and in any form of transportation, say a prayer for protection. In simple terms, ask God to keep you and your family and friends, if they are traveling with you, safe from accidents or unusual situations. Bless the vehicle that your are on so that it gets to its destination safe and sound.

Example: I used to travel all over the world with Occidental Petroleum Company when I worked for them in the 70's through the 90's. On one business trip to Islamabad, Pakistan in early 1980, I got caught-up in a major attack directed towards the U.S. Embassy which caused the death of Americans and Pakistanis. Into the attack, a group of us were totally at the mercy of the Pakistani attackers. From out of the throng of people, two young adult Pakistani appeared by my side and offered protection. I accepted it kindly, and they helped me and others to walk through the most dangerous phases of the invasion. I distinctly remember having said a prayer for help at one point. Afterward, I thanked the Lord for my 'protectors' and their families. All this time, the huge American Embassy complex in Islamabad was engulfed in flames and people were dying in the process.

5) If you have children of any age, and they happen to live with you, or are on their own, pray for them regularly for their health, success and protection. Take time from your busy schedule to think of your family in prayer. As a parent, you will be doing your children the greatest service a parent can possibly provide, ever, if you pray for their lives every day. Should any member of your family be suffering from a serious illness, ask God to help them and you. Allow the Lord to take over, and bless the doctors and nurses that are taking care of your loved one.

Example: My oldest son suffers from epilepsy, and he still has to get on with his professional life. I pray that his medication does its job, and that he does not get hurt should he suffer from a sudden seizure. My other two kids are doing fine and studying hard in universities. I pray for their success and well being as well.

6) To bring peace to your life, in the Catholic religion, for example, we are taught to pray the "Our Father", and the "Hail Mary." These are two very powerful prayers which are intended to worship God and to praise the Virgin Mary. They are also used to ask for protection and forgiveness. You may want to adopt one or both prayers in your daily routine by saying them in the silence of your room, your office or while you are driving. If you should know other prayers that apply to your religion, by all means do apply them.

Example: I have for many years said these two prayers every single day. I repeat them a minimum of five times per day, all in one session. Then, I let go of my life and let God take it over. If anything should happen to me, at least I can say that I made peace with God. I don't want to leave this world angry at anyone, or bitter for any parts of my life that did not go well. My daily prayers are prayers of gratitude for my life and that of my family and friends. If I should need any special or urgent help from God, then I will certainly make my request unabashedly and with total freedom.

Your life will be one long, happy and peaceful journey when prayer becomes a part of your everyday life. Be a shining example to your family and friends by your devotion to your religion. You will be amazed at the way you will feel when your prayers are enriched with kindness and compassion; love and humility; praise and gratitude.

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The Incredible Power of Prayer to Protect, to Guide and to Save Lives

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The Incredible Power of Prayer to Protect, to Guide and to Save Lives

This article was published on 2010/04/01