Finding The Higher Power And Making Yourself A Better Person

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The newest medicines and pharmaceuticals all have one goal in mind. These pills and potions all have the goal of keeping their users on the drugs. People will turn to over the counter nasal sprays and lozenges when they get a cold and all sorts of antacids when their stomach bothers them.

People dont realize just how dependent their lives have become on other people crafting a special kind of drug or treatment to make them feel better and because of this they dont realize just how bad their life would be if those things were taken away. There is a new technique that allows the user to go back to depending only on them when they need to feel better or repair physical and emotional damage.

This technique does not just help your emotional well being, it isnt all just in the users head. Diseases can actually be fought using this particular practice, diseases that are much more severe than the common cold. Using the human spirit and the power that is in the universe a human being can solve problems modern medicine is learning only how to control.

Thetahealing is a technique that shows a person how to meditate and pray in such a way that it allows them to channel these powers to where they are needed most. People still dont seem to understand that Thetahealing will unlock the ability to find solutions for problems you never knew existed.

Thetahealing will teach the user, through a series of books, or a DVD should the user be more inclined, to repair parts of their body and psyche that modern medicine cannot touch through intensive prayer. This particular brand of prayer isnt simply talking to the higher power but is in fact a directed sort of prayer with specific words and thoughts that must be undertaken any time. Done right, this prayer will move mountains.
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Finding The Higher Power And Making Yourself A Better Person

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This article was published on 2010/10/20